Vivus Skincare - Why?

So many creams and lotions on the market, but nothing I believe as clean as mine - at an affordable price.  I started it because I had eczema and wanted a quality product at an affordable price, with no nasty chemicals!   I needed more moisture on my skin so I put ProVitamin B5 as one of the key ingredients to keep that moisture in and it works wonders. I only need it once a day and it stays soft, unlike some other lotions that seem to dry up after a few hours.  Click on the product you are interested in and learn about each and every ingredient that is placed into our brand and why. 

 It makes a difference

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  • Variety Pack - Anti Aging Face Cream/Hand & Body Lotion/Salt Scrub
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  • Variety Pack - Acne Treatment Face Cream/Hand & Body Lotion/Salt Scrub
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Once I started using Vivus Skincare, I couldn't go back to any other skin products.  If I did, I'd see a difference in a few days.  Vivus has made my skin brighter and given it a glow.  It has also eliminated my sensitive red rash patches around my chin from harsh skin products!

Marie M.

I had bug bites on my legs that I scratched and picked at for a month.  I tried honey, cortisone, and antibiotic ointment to heal my legs.  I used your Hand & Body lotion and it cleared up!  

Denise D.

I use your salt scrub because of its amazing smell from essential oils and not fragrance!  It isn't as greasy as the others on the market but it gets rid of my dead skin cells and I feel refreshed every time I use it!

Kirsten M.